May. 11th, 2007

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Hello, my friends!! :D This is for everyone who is a Mohinder fan!! :D FinallY!!! it is finished! :D
Okay, first things first---I went crazy!! :D I found out that there are only shipper fans for Mohinder. and they're is a Mohinder group at livejournal. look it up! My first post didn't work the way i wanted to!! :(

[Bad username or unknown identity:   All right Here I go again! :) There is suppose to be text in there...but this is my first 1. Someone By Earshot 2. What You Are by Audioslave 3. Everbody's Fool By evanescence 4. colors by crossfade 5. serenity by godsmack 6. shed some light by shinedown 7. It's not Over by Daughtry 8. splinter by the exies 9. break my fall by breaking benjamin 10. if everyone cared by nickelback (i love this song :D) 11. broken bones by nonpoint 12. moving foward by hoobastank 13. re-align by godsmack Mohinder Fanmix-Moving Foward @ Link These songs really reminded me of him. Some prove themselves with the title. I know there are two songs from Godsmack, but they stucked out in my mind...shouting "MOHINDER" lol :D Optional #14 song. Cry Little Sister by Gerard Mcmann from the Lost Boys Soundtrack.  You just have to switch the "little' with "big" then it'd be a Mohinder song. LOL Here is the link for Optional Song And last but not the least. I made my own CD label with NERO if you have it...and sorry for those that don't, i'll try better next time...LINK HERE ]
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All right something is seriously wrong w/ my live journal!! 
aah! it doesn't show up right!! 

here is the links to my mohinder fanmix ... i seriously dont want to try it again!! 
To download fanmix 

optional song

CD Label made w/ NERO


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