Sep. 6th, 2007

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From the beginning. SEASON ONE and TWO for the early days...not Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant as the doctors. Also for my own benefit as well. WHOO! THE DOCTOR! XD Also for [personal profile] aunt_zelda.

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Season three and four EDITED

Thanks to [profile] the_vixxmeister for letting me know that it posted wrong. IN other words...CRAPPY! XD
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FOR ME FOR ME! :) To remember the Doctor. :D

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SEASON 7 and 8

[edit] Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)

Starting from Season 7, the programme is produced in colour. Copies of all episodes exist, although some only in black and white.

NoTitleCodeEpisodesWriterDirectorOriginal Airdate

[edit] Season 7 (1970)

Derrick Sherwin served as producer for Spearhead from Space, and was then succeeded by Barry Letts. Terrance Dicks served as script editor. This season formed a loose arc chronicling the Doctor's exile on Earth.

051Spearhead from SpaceAAA4 episodesRobert HolmesDerek Matinus324 January 1970
052Doctor Who and the Silurians
aka The Silurians
BBB7 episodesMalcolm HulkeTimothy CombeJanuary 31March 14, 1970
053The Ambassadors of DeathCCC7 episodes (Parts exist in black and white only)David Whitaker, (and Trevor Ray and Malcolm Hulke)Michael FergusonMarch 21May 2, 1970
054InfernoDDD7 episodesDon HoughtonDouglas Camfield & Barry LettsMay 9June 20, 1970

[edit] Season 8 (1971)

Barry Letts served as producer and Terrance Dicks as script editor. This season forms a loose arc with the introduction of the Master.

055Terror of the AutonsEEE4 episodesRobert HolmesBarry Letts223 January 1971
056The Mind of EvilFFF6 episodes (Exists only in black and white)Don HoughtonTimothy CombeJanuary 30March 6, 1971
057The Claws of AxosGGG4 episodesBob Baker & Dave MartinMichael FergusonMarch 13April 3, 1971
058Colony in SpaceHHH6 episodesMalcolm HulkeMichael E. BriantApril 10May 15, 1971
059The DæmonsJJJ5 episodesGuy Leopold (a.k.a. Robert Sloman and Barry Letts)Christopher BarryMay 22June 19, 1971

something wrong with the lj cut for this one...looks much better this way! XD
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Season 9 and 10

Season 9 (1972)

Barry Letts served as producer and Terrance Dicks as script editor.

060Day of the DaleksKKK4 episodesLouis MarksPaul Bernard122 January 1972
061The Curse of PeladonMMM4 episodesBrian HaylesLennie MayneJanuary 29
February 19, 1972
062The Sea DevilsLLL6 episodesMalcolm HulkeMichael BriantFebruary 26
April 1, 1972
063The MutantsNNN6 episodesBob Baker and Dave MartinChristopher BarryApril 8May 13, 1972
064The Time MonsterOOO6 episodesRobert Sloman (and Barry Letts)Paul BernardMay 20June 24, 1972

[edit] Season 10 (1972-73)

Barry Letts served as producer and Terrance Dicks as script editor.

065The Three DoctorsRRR4 episodesBob Baker and Dave MartinLennie MayneDecember 30, 1972
January 20, 1973
066Carnival of MonstersPPP4 episodesRobert HolmesBarry LettsJanuary 27
February 17, 1973
067Frontier in SpaceQQQ6 episodesMalcolm HulkePaul BernardFebruary 24
March 31, 1973
068Planet of the DaleksSSS6 episodes (Episode 3 exists only in black and white)Terry NationDavid MaloneyApril 7May 12, 1973
069The Green DeathTTT6 episodesRobert Sloman (and Barry Letts)Michael BriantMay 19June 23, 1973

staying the same cause lj cut sucks...right now. 


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