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Fan Fic Title: Everyone has their way.

Author:  [info]damedbx

Characters: Sylar, and Hale (my own creation)

Time: Part One Before the Bomb

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Nonprofitonly and for entertainment purposes.

Summary:  Sylar is still too cocky, even after his run in with Peter.  After killing Isaac, he paints an apartment number and of a lion.  All he knows is that there is someone with an ability there and he will take it. Also Read previous chapters.

Sorry took a while for me to type and edit! :D
Here is Chapter 1


Sylar was amazed to see what he didn’t see. Hale’s apartment wasn’t like how he imagined it would be. She didn’t have anything remotely concerning her age. He expected to see posters everywhere; instead he was greeted by plain brown walls with a kitchen too small and a living with only two pieces of furniture, a couch and a TV.  Hmmm, he thought to himself, at least no one will miss this one. He hardly knew the story.


                “Please don’t let my size fool you. I am tougher than I look,” she said as she saw Gabriel eye her up.  “Welcome to my apartment, Mr. Gray.” God, she hated when people judged her by her size.  Didn’t everyone know that big things come in little packages. She knew thought that everyone knew that cliché.  Hmmm, she contemplated to herself, he is damn tall. What a pair we would make?  He had brooding brown eyes with dark hair and a smile that literally made her want to kiss him.  Stop that! He is dangerous, I can feel it! Don’t let him fool you she argued with herself.  He was waiting for something, she could feel that.   This man is special.


                Gradually, she smiled, “What can I do for you, Mr. Gray?”


                “Oh, Mr. Gray is my father—call me Sylar.” Sylar retorted I don’t want to be called by my father’s name.

                “Hmm…, that’s an unusual nickname, did you know that’s a watch brand?”


                He gave her an incredulous look.  How would she know that?  Don’t be intrigued by her.  You came here for one thing and one thing only, her brain.


                “Why are you looking at me like that?”  That looked scared her.  If things rapidly got out of hand, she would have to use her ability, her powers.  She gave a quizzical look at him and --- sniffed him! 


                “What are you doing,” he questioned her while bursting into laughter, completely forgetting that he knew he chose his name off a watch brand.


                His laughter made her feel for him like she never felt for anyone before, but she had to stay focused.  He gave off a strange smell, a smell that didn’t smell right.  She knew she smelled that before.  It was some kind of fruity soap combined with something else.  She couldn’t quite figure it out, until she accidentally swiped her hand along the chipped side of the coffee table.


                “Ow!” she cried.  The smell of blood hit her hard.  Now she knew what the smell was, it was the smell of blood. Sylar was reeking of it.


                “Are you okay?”  What was he doing?! The sign of empathy made him cringe away from her.  I’m not concerned with her welfare. Why does she keep sniffing me?!


                She laughed at the astonished look that he gave her, “I’m fine. Thanks for asking.”  As she said this, she brought her blood tipped finger and licked it.  This action sent shudders up and down Sylar’s body.  While she was doing this, she still smelled Sylar.


                "Excuse me, but why are you sniffing me? Do I smell bad?" was all Sylar could say without letting her know that he felt self-conscious at that moment.


                "No,' she chuckled, "I just wanted to familiarize myself with…"

                She paused. She couldn’t tell him that she wanted to keep his smell in her memory, but it is also frightened her beyond belief, because she figured out he smelt of blood.  She couldn't show him that knowledge. The knowledge that she knew that he was a killer. She glanced at the man she let in and found him looking at her, urging her to finish that sentence.


                This girl is interesting, maybe I'll hold off killing her, until I know what she can do that is. Wishful thinking another part of himself responded.  You want to know how she looks like naked. What!!?? No, I don't.  God, he hated arguing with himself on ways of killing people, especially women.

                Just sleep with her and kill her in the morning, it'd be a nice drastic change, even for you.

                Inside his mind, his body was calling him a virgin.


                Finally, Hale replied, "You just have a different smell about you.  That's all. OH, and I like the soap that you used."


                Was she flirting with me?? His face flushed as soon as he thought of this.


                "Are you blushing," she asked in amazement


                He looked away from her, because his face was even brighter.  Perfect timing for a hormonal surge, he said to himself, and to seem like a dork!


                Hale laughed at him inwardly.  She was actually making him blush! Maybe he isn’t a killer after all was her reaction plus turning red herself.  She didn’t know she could get a guy to blush.


                Sylar looked at her crimson face.  Why is she making him feel like this? I should just kill her right now, and get it over with, without my feelings, more like sexual desire, stopping me he screamed to himself.  He was having an inner turmoil, a state of conscious that wouldn’t kill her---yet.


                “I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself---wait--- how did you find me?” was that she could utter.


                “Uhhh…,” the question caught him off guard.  He didn’t know how to respond.


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