Apr. 1st, 2010 01:40 pm
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April begins with wind. haha. I don't really get into the spirit of things with April Fools. I don't get it. Seriously I don't. But I have something to look forward to in April. What is that you say???? DOCTOR WHO!! YES! It starts this Saturday in the Uk. I cannot wait to see how Matt Smith is.
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you are violet

Your dominant hues are red and blue. You're confident and like showing people new ideas. You play well with others and can be very influential if you want to be.

Your saturation level is lower than average - You don't stress out over things and don't understand people who do. Finishing projects may sometimes be a challenge, but you schedule time as you see fit and the important things all happen in the end, even if not everyone sees your grand master plan.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
the spacefem.com html color quiz
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Hola Dreamwidth! Huh. So ... red. So ... new! hahaha.


Okay. That's it for me. :)
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This Page is Rated



Lets101 - free dating

I didn't do it.--
Bart Simpson
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As I wouldn't be around much in the next few days...I just want to wish everyone on LJ and everyone on my flist a...


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Hello, all! XD

Today is rather good day. If i say so myself. i saw things heard things and got some things. I AM IN A DW FRENZIE!!! CiN! YAY!!! PLUS i got this from [livejournal.com profile] c_quinn AWESOME!! THANKS!!! XD

Your fate with the Doctor
Your name?
You describe yourself as a...?
Favourite colour?
How did you meet the Doctor? He kidnapped you for no apparent reason...at least, no reason that you know of. *shifty eyes*
How much does the Doctor care for you? - 63%
Does he love you? (8) - Yes - definitely. - (8)
Do you love him? (8) - As I see it, yes. - (8)
How many years will you travel with him? 3527
How will you die? You'll be in a random accident on a random planet when the Doctor isn't watching you.
This quiz by Lady_Boromir - Taken 48 Times.
New! Get Free Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

Your fate with the Doctor
Your name?
You describe yourself as a...?
Favourite colour?
How did you meet the Doctor? He kidnapped you for no apparent reason...at least, no reason that you know of. *shifty eyes*
How much does the Doctor care for you? - 99%
Does he love you? (8) - As I see it, yes. - (8)
Do you love him? (8) - My sources say no. - (8)
How many years will you travel with him? 3363
How will you die? You won't. The Doctor will develop a way to prolong your life, and you will live forever.
This QuickKwiz by Lady_Boromir - Taken 54 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

Actually i like this one better!

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Step One
- Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
- If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.
- Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ, or link to this post (it'll be public) so that the holiday joy will spread.

Step Two
- Surf around your friendslist (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:
- If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.


1. What do I want on my #1...some slash fics!! LOL
Mohinder/ Bennet
Mohinder with anybody you can think of!
Anyone with "The Doctor" (actually that isn't slash, but oh well!!)
Sylaire( definitely not slash! ^_^)

2. AN IPOD!!! a green one!! OR ONE OF THOSE SWEET ASS NEW ZUNES Preferably green! DID I MENTION GREEN??

3. Some icons with my Mohinder and some with Molly and plus The Haitian. WHY DO YOU ASK?? Because that episode on Monday. the haitian kicked peter's ass! hehe. And that is saying a LOT!!

4. I really really really want this CD. I cannot find it anywhere I am at, because i am in USA AND THEY DON'T HAVE ANY REGENCY BUCK MUSIC! IF you don't know who they are...
They sing this song here. It is really good!

5. FANMIXES!! HEHE. I So ♥ fanmixes. Whatever you come up with is fine. It can even be for some of the ships that i mentioned above...or if you just want to mix a playlist or cd together. i don't mind. i <3 music! :D

6. I also really really want one of those combo dvd/vhs so that i can put all my vhs onto dvd!! That sounds really geeky to me.

7. I want some new clothes. i know clothes!! I need some new pants...and I don't have enough money to buy them for myself...but alas FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! How I ♥ you! XD


9. I SO WANT SOMETHING FROM ACROSS THE SEAS. Preferrably Doctor Who, Coupling, My Hero, Torchwood, and Keeping up Appearances. I so ♥ the BUCKET WOMAN. *g* It can be anything to DVD or pictures or something that says ur a fan of the show.

10. What do I really really want for this XMas...just to have fun with my friends and family and all of you on LJ will surely make this happen! ^_^

If you want my contact info...please leave so on the comments with an email address.



Oct. 17th, 2007 02:12 pm
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Jus foudn this out from my email....


yya!!! I HOPE I WIN!!


This is so awsome!!

All you got to do is choose which cover the first season should be.

DAMN, it was so hard but i chose cover two!

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What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Dedicated Reader

You are always trying to find the time to get back to your book. You are convinced that the world would be a much better place if only everyone read more.

Literate Good Citizen
Book Snob
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
Create Your Own Quiz

Just fot this from [livejournal.com profile] ilovetbag24

AND OMG LAST NIGHT'S HEROES!! THAT ONE DESERVES FULL SCREENSHOTS for my post review...so don't know when i'll do it. LMAO. or when ih ave time...maybe i should just do it for tomrorrow! TOMORROW!!! ANOTHER MIDTERM! ;_;
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LiveJournal Username
Favorite ice cream
Favorite season
Thinks you're ass is tight:athena_sedai
Wants to lick hot chocolate off you're body:naughtybookworm
Wonders how good you are in bed:isinuyasha
Wishes you would screw him/her on the spot:cmcarter25
Is romatically in love with you:ilovetbag24
Wishes you were gay so he/she could love you better:classic_chaos
Hopes you'll take him/her to great heights (wink wink nudge nudge):runzu
Day dreams about having sex with you 24/7:imthelonely_one
This Fun Quiz created by Molly at BlogQuiz.Net
Get the answer to your weight loss questions at WeightLossTips.TV

Find out what heroes character are you at LiquidGeneration.com!

PETER! I wanted Mohinder...well...at least we'd have more in common.


Oct. 11th, 2007 08:24 pm
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How true this is ... is beyond me! LMAO.


Got this from [livejournal.com profile] mystik_rose. My my we are screwed up people.

LiveJournal Username
Favorite ice cream
Favorite season
Thinks you're ass is tight:notsostrange
Wants to lick hot chocolate off you're body:aunt_zelda
Wonders how good you are in bed:classic_chaos
Wishes you would screw him/her on the spot:mystik_rose
Is romatically in love with you:drunken_hedghog
Wishes you were gay so he/she could love you better:sofar
Hopes you'll take him/her to great heights (wink wink nudge nudge):girlpire
Day dreams about having sex with you 24/7:elizabethswan_
This Fun Quiz created by Molly at BlogQuiz.Net
Libra Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

OMG. I am definitely doing this again when I have my birthday. XD


Sep. 29th, 2007 05:42 pm
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Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

Just a color. :D
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ALL RIGHT, I got sidetracked again. THis post is for one person only. J/k. It's more like a Thank you Post. It was in my head all day. I mean ALL night. and most of this day too. LMAO


I would like to Thank CONNIE. SOrry but i forgot your lj name.


For emailing all sorts of fanfiction by the author of Cassandra Claire. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! It takes all sorts of twists and turns. I printed out TWENTY-TWO pages of that fanfic. It was the whole thing, AND I JUST FINISHED IT! It was really really really good.

Now I am getting headway on the other fics you sent me. If u on lj. LOL

Anyways...if ur wondering what this was about...it was ABOUT THE BEST DAMN DRACO FICS EVER! It was so very cool! It was entitled, "DRACO DORMEINS" THe ENDING WAS FANTASTIC. I getting a fix for Draco... and now i WANT MORE HP HP HP!! XD

Next up, "DRACO SINISTER" also by the same person.

NOTE: I am not taking credit for these fics. They are not mine. I am just pimping...if no one has read it yet. XD

behind the cut some Draco Wallpapers )

EDIT** For the "headers" they are actually WALLPAPERS. LOL I mixed them up at the last minute.

Interesting note. What i found out by Cassandra Claire. Apparently she was not all that I hoped her to be. It was ... crazy, and idiotic on her part. So. I say this. It was a good read, but all in all. Plagiarism, I do not support it. I am still giong to read it, but be more constructive of her writing. Please note. I will never do that. Too crazy. LOL Want to find out more...Click Me

On a lighter note...
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All right. MONDAY NIGHT!!! WHOOO! :D ^_^


PrisonBreak. read at ur own risk )

NOW onwards to the second show of the evening...HEROES!!! OMG OMG OGM!!! *fangirl squee*
XD I was so waiting for it to be eight o clock last night. I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn't wait. I know a LOT of people already did a reaction post, but this is mine! XD

First episode of Heroes. Spoilers plus pics. )

Dr. Mohinder Suresh's Website have you seen it??

THis is a bit long. and A MIXED UP. SOrry about that. But i did spend all afternoon on this. XD

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Only great minds can read this

This is weird, but interesting!

fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too

Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht t he frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs forwrad it

Something I snagged from [livejournal.com profile] beach_baby3000 PLUS IT IS ALSO HIS BIRTHDAY!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU [livejournal.com profile] beach_baby3000


behind the cut: pictures of the birthday boys )
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All right, here is a question that I have been asking myself since the beginning of my "passionate" endeavor of HEROES. WHY HAVEN"T I SEEN THIS BEFORE??? :D

Here it is. taken from [livejournal.com profile] wantyousafe AWESOME!! I don't know why I haven't friended her yet. JUST AWESOME

RIGHT NOW. I am on ZQ over load. :D

and now... taken from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] canadian_turtle, and [livejournal.com profile] wantyousafe WOW XD!!

oh, wait, i forgot to ask their permission! LOL


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I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEW SEASON!! I AM GETTING ON VIDEO OVERLOAD FOR ZQ, MV, AND AP. :D they are all so great! I like Kristin and Zachary together. They are too FUNNY! :D I cannot wait to see what is going to happen on this new new season!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] canadian_turtle to all her wonderful links...

This one is also taken from her. So sweet. So addicted! ^_^

EW intereview: Here

AND OMG!! I love the way zq laughs! *drools*

me own

Sep. 19th, 2007 06:59 pm
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Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19!
What Pirate do YOU Talk Like?

Parley?? XD

BTW. does anyone have skype?? I need to use up some of my mins. BUT i don't have a microphone! :O .... I mean credit. :D
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Season 9 and 10

Season 9 (1972)

Barry Letts served as producer and Terrance Dicks as script editor.

060Day of the DaleksKKK4 episodesLouis MarksPaul Bernard122 January 1972
061The Curse of PeladonMMM4 episodesBrian HaylesLennie MayneJanuary 29
February 19, 1972
062The Sea DevilsLLL6 episodesMalcolm HulkeMichael BriantFebruary 26
April 1, 1972
063The MutantsNNN6 episodesBob Baker and Dave MartinChristopher BarryApril 8May 13, 1972
064The Time MonsterOOO6 episodesRobert Sloman (and Barry Letts)Paul BernardMay 20June 24, 1972

[edit] Season 10 (1972-73)

Barry Letts served as producer and Terrance Dicks as script editor.

065The Three DoctorsRRR4 episodesBob Baker and Dave MartinLennie MayneDecember 30, 1972
January 20, 1973
066Carnival of MonstersPPP4 episodesRobert HolmesBarry LettsJanuary 27
February 17, 1973
067Frontier in SpaceQQQ6 episodesMalcolm HulkePaul BernardFebruary 24
March 31, 1973
068Planet of the DaleksSSS6 episodes (Episode 3 exists only in black and white)Terry NationDavid MaloneyApril 7May 12, 1973
069The Green DeathTTT6 episodesRobert Sloman (and Barry Letts)Michael BriantMay 19June 23, 1973

staying the same cause lj cut sucks...right now. 
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SEASON 7 and 8

[edit] Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)

Starting from Season 7, the programme is produced in colour. Copies of all episodes exist, although some only in black and white.

NoTitleCodeEpisodesWriterDirectorOriginal Airdate

[edit] Season 7 (1970)

Derrick Sherwin served as producer for Spearhead from Space, and was then succeeded by Barry Letts. Terrance Dicks served as script editor. This season formed a loose arc chronicling the Doctor's exile on Earth.

051Spearhead from SpaceAAA4 episodesRobert HolmesDerek Matinus324 January 1970
052Doctor Who and the Silurians
aka The Silurians
BBB7 episodesMalcolm HulkeTimothy CombeJanuary 31March 14, 1970
053The Ambassadors of DeathCCC7 episodes (Parts exist in black and white only)David Whitaker, (and Trevor Ray and Malcolm Hulke)Michael FergusonMarch 21May 2, 1970
054InfernoDDD7 episodesDon HoughtonDouglas Camfield & Barry LettsMay 9June 20, 1970

[edit] Season 8 (1971)

Barry Letts served as producer and Terrance Dicks as script editor. This season forms a loose arc with the introduction of the Master.

055Terror of the AutonsEEE4 episodesRobert HolmesBarry Letts223 January 1971
056The Mind of EvilFFF6 episodes (Exists only in black and white)Don HoughtonTimothy CombeJanuary 30March 6, 1971
057The Claws of AxosGGG4 episodesBob Baker & Dave MartinMichael FergusonMarch 13April 3, 1971
058Colony in SpaceHHH6 episodesMalcolm HulkeMichael E. BriantApril 10May 15, 1971
059The DæmonsJJJ5 episodesGuy Leopold (a.k.a. Robert Sloman and Barry Letts)Christopher BarryMay 22June 19, 1971

something wrong with the lj cut for this one...looks much better this way! XD


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