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Birthdate:Nov 22
Location:United States of America

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|My World|
There is a world out there I knew not existed, if that makes any sense. I came here because I knew that there had to be people out there that were like me. Like me! A FANGIRL. Lol. My interests range far and wide throughout the virtual world. If you want to get to know me, cool. I am up for new friends and new experiences. Each and everyday I learn something new.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMylar my top pairing.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Harry/Draco. My second all time pairing.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Just for the Tenth Doctor aka David Teninch ^_~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket AND lastly, but in the least my communities Myleter, John Hannah Comm, and just for your average actor/actress, it doesn’t matter who it is... Brave Actors.

|Lorem Ipsum|

Ya' at' eeh. Shi ei Heather yinishiye. Haltsooi ei da shinli, Tsenjenikeni do shi chiin. I'll add some more later.

I am someone who has an open mind on just about anything, except for RAP and R&B! It is all just the same—well almost all the same! On anything else I will gladly listen to it. Music is my life. i cannot live without music. oh, and certain people. Those certain people are on my interests! And, of course, my family. Care to look at them and you will know. SO if you want to share some of your music with me, feel free. And if you really absolutely want me to listen to some of ur songs…even if it is Rap. Send it on. I’ll at least listen to it then make my judgmental opinion. :D

My favorite Color is GREEN, which is a very misunderstood color if i might add. I also like anything that I can get my hands on.

Right now, I am trying my skills as a writer. I've always loved to write. It made things easier or simpler. You could control the things that you wrote about. Mainly, it is poetry for me.

TV, is listed in my interests. I have so much!! I watch a lot of television. Here are some of my shows: "The Office", "Prison Break", "Kyle XY", "Heroes", "24", "Medium", "House", "Boston Legal", "My Name is Earl", "Numbers", and dun-duh-da "THE SIMPSONS." I cannot wait for the Simpson's Movie to come out! XD EDIT** Okay the movie already came out....and it was FREAKIN AWESOME XD To add to this rather—short—list is… Doctor Who! I am so in love with that show right now. It is the best thing on. Plus Torchwood, and now The Sarah Jane Adventures. It just sucks you in.

I love to read! Any thing and everything. Horror is apart of this one, but not watching it, but there are few exceptions. If you friend me, please suggest something that I should read! Thanks! ^_^

Now something newer to add, if we are in sync with some of our interests you can always request a fic. Of course, some of my flist can tell you… I am bad about keeping a deadline, but I follow through. xD
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